Vyacheslav Degtyarev, Mitra Clinic: “Biohacking is a real way to turn your bio-clock back!”

Throughout the history of mankind, people have been searching for the secret of eternal youth. The desire to preserve beauty, health and activity inspired them to the most unusual experiments. Legends keep the echoes of such attempts made by the Sumerian king Gilgamesh, the Iranian healer Avicenna, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the descendant of the Celestal Lord Peng Tzu and the mysterious adventurer Cagliostro. The things people tried as a magical remedy! Elixirs and balms, rituals and spells. However, nothing of the kind has become effective enough, and therefore the topic does not cease to excite our contemporaries. However, modern doctors, unlike their ancient colleagues, are equipped with truly effective arsenal which allows “to take the clock back”. We talked about this with the founder and CEO of Mitra Clinic, Vyacheslav Degtyarev.

- Mr. Degtyarev, Mitra Clinic is one of the flagships of Russian practical biohacking. However, even most Russian doctors have not heard anything about such a system of health control, and even more so patients. You have a chance to do a small awareness promotion: explain what kind of system it is, what it is remarkable for, where did it appear for the first time and how widespread it is in the world.

- Biohacking is a comprehensive and balanced health control system based on determining the vital indicators of a particular person and aimed at prolonging his or her life and improving its quality. It implicates the adjustment of all vital functions and processes of the body - from comprehensive diagnostics, monitoring circadian cycles of wakefulness and sleep to the meal plans, physical activity, improving brain activity and emotional state.

This system of medical and health-improving practices allows not only to turn the biological clock back, but also to use the hidden reserves and capabilities of the body to increase mental and physical performance, endurance, sexual attractiveness, etc.

For the first time, this term appeared in Silicon Valley (USA), which is the leading global “center of attraction” for developers of high-tech science-intensive projects, a place for the development of world innovations.

The term appealed to many famous people, bankers and investors from Wall Street, who felt the positive effect of biohacking. Indeed, high working capacity, good health, aesthetic appearance today are among the signs of a successful and highly effective human leader!

Biohacking allows you to be at the forefront of modern science and medicine. It allows you already today to receive those benefits, which will be massively introduced “the day after tomorrow”.

Today biohacking is widespread in Europe and America, Africa and Australia - wherever a person wants to become better physically and emotionally, to be productive and successful in career and family affairs. You all, people of the Earth, are similar in your desire to be successful, healthy and sexually attractive!
No wonder that biohacking, having arisen in Silicon Valley, quickly became popular not only among programmers, but also among businessmen. Now in any scientific and business cluster around the world you can meet biohackers.

- Are there in Russia, private or public clinics or institutions, which practice or study biohacking?
- There are not so many of them in Russia yet. Biohacking today gets popular through the social networks. There is also interest from private and state medical centers and research institutes in view of the fact that young people get interested with this direction. However, many of them are concentrated around one or more practical functions of an integrated health monitoring system.

A typical biohacker in modern Russia is a graduate of Moscow State University or another technical university who does not have a medical education, but has a scientific mentality and is used to investigate thoroughly everything he does. In general it is good. But in this case leads to the fact that most biohackers prescribe drugs and dietary supplements for themselves. And this leads to polypharmacy - taking too many medications. This not only does no good, but also does harm.

The core of biohacking lies, first of all, in comprehensive diagnostics: laboratory blood tests, functional, cognitive and other studies. Genetic study (DNA testing) is a mandatory component of a complete diagnosis. Its results make possible to get a complete pictures of the risks of diseases, digestion and decay of toxins, as well as to determine the most effective physical activity.

A biohacking specialist should thoroughly disclose anamnesis and examine the patient. Heredity, sleep, food, sexual activity, emotional state – the specialist should be interested in everything, since biohacking process is not only detailed diagnosis, but also an individual program, formed basing on its results.
The doctor determines the control points - indicators that must be reached by a certain time. For example, we want the patient to sleep for at least seven hours, have enough of vitamin D, decrease the lead level, etc.

Biohacking is not a single procedure, but the way of life. You should adhere to the program whole the lifetime to maintain the effect. Perhaps soon you will reach the set indicators, but you can’t throw a diet and exercise, since it is such a way of life that allows you to be at the level you need.

A person, who undergoes the health research procedure, does not necessarily have health problems. This may be a completely healthy person who decided to create an even more effective version of himself or herself, to speak in other words, to hack the body capabilities, forcing it to work in the right mode.
I don’t think that many medical institutions in Russia want to deal with a patient who does not need to be treated! And many doctors, unfortunately, simply do not know that such practices exist. You can hear: “What for do you need analyses, since you are already healthy? Money down the drain! ” But we believe that these are investments in the future!

At Mitra Clinic, we do all of the above, starting from a comprehensive and thorough diagnostics of the whole organism, determining individual life and physiological parameters, followed by building individual programs aimed at prolonging life and improving its quality, increasing mental and physical capabilities, endurance and attractiveness.

I can say that with such an integrated approach we are among the first in Russia. But at the same time, we are ready for close cooperation and strategic partnership with both private and state institutions.

- What results can be achieved by following this system?

- You can improve memory, brain functional capability, eliminate fatigue, inertness, and depression, reduce the risks of age-related diseases, get an excellent physical shape, and reduce the risks of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Each of our patients receives a guaranteed decrease in metabolic and biological age, fixed by means of evidence-based medicine. Biohacking helps to prevent diseases by establishing a healthy lifestyle and monitoring your organism indicators throughout its duration.

After just a few months of completing the program, you will reach a completely different level of performance, efficiency and emotional state. And you will look more attractive even before visiting a beautician, as you will normalize weight and will increase your energy.

- Are there any celebrities among fans of the system?

- Of course! Sergey Fage was one of the first to use biohacking. Speaking about his followers, we don’t give names so as not to miss someone, but if you open the Forbes magazine, you will see many highly effective and successful people represented there, many of which already use biohacking. The list is not limited to this: there are also state leaders, famous businessmen, politicians, and athletes.

- The biohacking program at Mitra Clinic consists of two closely related blocks. What are these blocks? What equipment and techniques are used to implement these programs?

- The biohacking program at Mitra Clinic consists of two closely related blocks.
The first stage: consultation, diagnosis, development of an individual program of recovery and increase of mental and physical functional capability.

At this stage, a person undergoes the comprehensive diagnostics of the whole organism, the complete examination and receives prescriptions. The doctor determines the control points - the indicators that need to be achieved by a certain time.

This is followed by repeated diagnosis, consultation and correction of the program, the development of long-term measures to maintain health and high quality of life.

With repeated consultations, it is determined how effective the appointments were, whether a patient managed to achieve the desired. If not, therapy is adjusted.

Diagnostics and consulting include:
Full body scan on a medical hardware-software Metatron complex (with an accuracy of 95-98%).
This guarantees:
- determination of the risks of developing diseases at an early stage, when they can be eliminated quickly, painlessly and completely;
- determination of the all organs and systems conditions (including lymphatic, muscular, bone systems);
- the turning on the patient feedback systems to configure cells and tissues for healthy functioning;
- alternative diagnostics by meridians and biologically active points, based on the principles of ancient Indian medicine and classical Chinese acupuncture;
- issuing an opinion on the psycho-emotional state of the patient to prevent the development of many dangerous diseases, including cancer.

Genetic research (DNA testing) in order to assess the complete picture of the risks of diseases, digestion and splitting of toxins, as well as to determine the most effective physical activity for a particular person.

This gives:
- identification of information embedded on a genetic level - it cannot be changed, but the knowledge about it can be used to improve performance and quality of life;
- obtaining detailed and 100% reliable results;
- the minimum degree of medical intervention - the sampling of genetic material is carried out with a cotton swab from the mouth;
- improving the efficiency of work to prevent the development of hereditary diseases.

Biochemical blood tests determine:
- biochemical indicators, which are important for active longevity;
- exact hormonal status, taking into account age and gender;
- functional disturbance in the work of internals and body systems. The guidelines in their determination are on the biochemical panel of longevity with stricter than the accepted average norms.

A comprehensive program of ultrasound investigations and extensive specialist consultations are also planned.

In accordance with the diagnostic results, an individual “roadmap” is drawn up for the patient.

- What is the Mitra Clinic Roadmap, and how soon after applying to the clinic can I get it?

- In our clinic, we call the individual patient program “the Mitra Clinic Roadmap”. This is a program of healing, longevity, the improvement of life quality, that includes a number of different measures for organizing a nutrition system, healthy sleep, physical activity, brain activity, stress management, detox, aligning hormonal status, and aesthetics improvement.

Our health and risk map is based on a comprehensive diagnosis, and, taking into account the timing of the preparation of all analyses and medical assessments, it can be prepared in two weeks.

- What methods of correction and rejuvenation do you use?

- We cover all the most modern and advanced methods and practices. Among them:

Metacorrection - therapy through healthy frequency. The Metatron hardware and software complex includes a system of healing feedback with the patient, which allows you to configure all his cells and tissues for healthy functioning.

Detox-therapy- active cleanse directed at activation of toxin removal from the body. Detoxification facilitates functioning of internal organs, improves working ability, normalizes weight, improves general appearance.

Naturopathy - “natural medicine”, which kicks off self-healing and regeneration processes in the body. A soft, non-traumatic effect without any contraindications allows gradually to restore health by literally reversing the biological clock.

Herbal medicine – treatment of hundreds of diseases with infusions, extracts and decoctions of medicinal plants, from widely known across central Russia to exotic, and especially valuable ones from around the world.

Fungotherapy - treatment of various disorders with medicinal mushrooms, including shiitake - a traditional healing method in China, Japan, East Asia. Mushrooms are considered to be a special form of life that combines features of the animal and the plant world. They are rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Fungotherapy has antibacterial, anti-tumour, antirheumatic effects.

Biopuncture - the introduction of homeopathic medicines into biologically active (acupuncture) points of the body. Combination of acupuncture with the effect of homeopathic remedies allows to achieve the maximum effectiveness of therapy.

Homotoxicology - homeopathic technique developed by a German physician Reckeweg, based on the removal of toxins from the body that caused the development of various pathologies.

Physiological regulatory medicine (PRM) – an innovative direction, involving the restoration of the physiological balance of the body using its own substances (enzymes, hormones).

Classical homeopathy – “Treatment of the like with the like” using microdoses of dozens of different biologically active substances.

Step autohemotherapy according to Reckeweg – rejuvenation technique involved the use of the patient’s own blood in microdoses diluted in homeopathic medicines. The combination enhances the effectiveness of both autohemotherapy and homeopathic medicines.

Vitamin complexes and dietary supplements – dietary supplements that are essential for the body’s ability to maintain its health status and increase the functionality of organs and systems. We use supplements directed both on solving specific problems and on general improvement of the overall condition.

Osteopathy and craniosacral manual therapy - “manual correction” of the body by experienced physicians. It has a harmonising effect on the function of all organs and systems.

Reflexotherapy, hirudotherapy, massages and other wellness-driven and energy-enhancing techniques that help release hidden potentials and reserves of the body.

Cosmetology - we use innovative methods of skin and hair rejuvenation, including platelet-rich plasma therapy (plasmolifting and true PRP), biorevitalisation, collagen therapy, placental therapy, contouring, thread lifting and the latest global cosmetic trends.
All this in complex gives astonishing results!

- Mitra Clinic employs unique specialists from various fields of medicine, combining the wide practical experience with advanced knowledge, gained inter alia abroad. Tell us about your team.

- Yes, our experts are my personal matter of pride. They are the authors of dozens of internationally recognized research articles in medicine, many of them have worked for many years in Europe, in the USA, providing medical assistance to leading businessmen and major bankers, their copyright programs have become world bestsellers, everyone has over 20-30 years of practical work experience. In my opinion – they are the best unique team of high-class doctors in Russia today, assembled in one place - at Mitra Clinic.

- Who are your patients? How do they find you? How many come from referrals of relatives and friends?

- Mitra Clinic is a clinic that has already become popular not only in Russia but also abroad: among our patients are representatives of France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Oman, China, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Israel. There are, of course, a lot of clients from Moscow and other Russian cities.

Eight out of ten of our clients come on the recommendation of relatives, friends and colleagues.

- The Russians are used to the fact that everything advanced, which has just come from abroad is very expensive. What is the pricing policy of the company? Who can afford biohacking today?

- Biohacking is not cheap worldwide, but it is not insanely expensive either. The pricing policy at Mitra Clinic is quite flexible and democratic. However, like any consultation with professionals, it requires some investment. But it is an investment in health and an effective, happy, long life, which is priceless, do you agree?

- The first private clinic Mitra Clinic was opened in Moscow not so long ago. Have you already managed to make yourself known in the scientific and medical community of Moscow?

- The clinic exists a little more than a year. And, on October 4, 2019, the first international conference on biohacking and smart medicine was held at the Moscow Marriott Hotel Novy Arbat. Mitra Clinic was the official sponsor of the event and presented several thematic reports. Web site: (Ссылка)

The conference was attended by more than 30 leading Russian and Western players on the forming biohacking market. The most promising medical innovations in the field of smart-medicals, the latest technical developments and innovations in the field of MHealth, artificial intelligence, wearable technologies, genetics and many other things, which are relevant today in the field of modern digital medicine, were also presented.

- Mr. Degtyarev, you are the president, managing partner and the founder of the financial and industrial group GROWEALTH GROUP, chairman of the board of directors of the United Fuel and Energy Corporation, chairman of the board of directors of GK Industrial Warehouse Systems, and also the head and the founder of other companies. All these areas are far from medicine. What motivated you to become the founder of Mitra Clinic? Do you personally use the biohacking system, do you recommend it to your family members?

- I am a financier and entrepreneur, and all my professional background was far from medicine. It all started with the fact that one of our (for those times - future) specialists, thanks to the comprehensive diagnostics, revealed my sources of allergies, which I could not cope with for 35 years! And saved me from this ailment forever! I was impressed. Thus my partner and I decided to open a medical center specializing in biohacking. This was the way, Mitra Clinic appeared, and we entered the fascinating world of innovative medicine.

Is there biahacking in my life? Of course, I am an experienced biohacker! I did not know this term before, it is quite new. But, proper nutrition, increased physical activity (for example, I have a daily minimum running distance of 10-15 km), healthy sleep, activities aimed at increasing brain activity, and stress management have been present in my life for a very long time.

All members of my family went through comprehensive diagnostics at Mitra Clinic, including genetic ones, and everyone has their own “Mitra Clinic Roadmap”, which we try to adhere as much as possible.

- What prospects do you see for this direction in Russia and for Mitra Clinic in the near and in the distant future?

- Today people worldwide want to be healthier, slimmer, more energetic, calmer and happier. They create and are aimed to create the most effective versions of themselves. Russia is not an exception, and maybe our country will become a flagship in this direction. I am sure that we are the most energetic and passionate country with wonderful people. Just look at our entrepreneurs, athletes, young boys and girls - is there anyone more effective?

Recently, Sberbank of Russia launched the SberHealth division, which will also consider biohacking (more on RBC: (Ссылка)
Sberbank today is not just the largest financial company in Russia, but also the largest technology company, which goes hand in hand with the latest world trends and technologies, looking many steps ahead.

Thus, the prospects for such a direction as biohacking are very good.

Mitra Clinic, as one of the flagships of Russian practical biohacking, will continue to develop and popularize this area of medicine, in close cooperation and partnership with the leading players on the market. We will continue to help people become highly effective leaders, living a beautiful, rich, healthy and long life!
Interviewed by Elena Alexandrova


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    RBG-Дневник -ПМЭФ-21 Евгений Евгеньевич Васильев, директор Корпорации развития Ярославской области

    Евгений Евгеньевич Васильев, директор Корпорации развития Ярославской области: «В Ярославской области за время пандемии коммуникация с потенциальными клиентами несколько снизилась, но не прекратилась. И мы для себя отметили, что они перешли на более качественный уровень. Обращения поступают более серьёзные, нежели когда пандемии не было. Некоторые инвесторы прощупывали почву, приходили, ещё не приняв решения. Сейчас нам повезло, мы работаем с инвесторами, которые осознанно идут в регион. Но такой очный форум нам в подспорье, так как мы со многими встретились лично. Те проекты, которые притормозились по объективным причинам, теперь набирают обороты. Работа в пандемию продолжалась благодаря средствам коммуникации. Общались, переписывались, обменивались документацией, готовили проектные решения, предложения. Уже сегодня-завтра эти наработки выходят в практическую плоскость, что является подписанием конкретного соглашения тех или иных проектов».

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    RBG-Дневник -ПМЭФ-21 Александр Викторович Моор, губернатор Тюменской области, Алексей Геннадьевич Комиссаров, генеральный директор АНО «Россия – страна возможностей»

    Алексей Геннадьевич Комиссаров, генеральный директор АНО «Россия – страна возможностей»: «Я очень хорошо оцениваю потенциал Тюменского региона, потому что в нашем проекте приняло участие уже 93 тыс. человек из Тюменской области. И почти 500 человек стали победителями в данных проектах. Это очень серьёзный результат. Отдельно я бы хотел сказать большое спасибо руководству Тюменской области и всем жителям за гостеприимство и отличную организацию очных мероприятий. Мы уверены, что нас ждёт впереди очень много хороших проектов. Благодаря цифровой платформе у губернатора и его команды появится возможность получить доступ к информации об участниках и о том, насколько активно молодёжь принимает участие в тех или иных проектах, каких результатов она добивается». Александр Викторович Моор, губернатор Тюменской области: «В нашей стране много талантливых и амбициозных ребят, которые стремятся реализовать свои возможности. Именно поэтому по поручению президента была создана АНО «Россия – страна возможностей», которая реализует проекты в самых разных сферах, а также предоставляет платформу для личного и социального роста. Многие из участников данных проектов сегодня сделали серьёзные карьерные шаги. Мы готовы дальше реализовывать подобные проекты, так как у нас есть большой опыт по проведению мероприятий. Поэтому я уверен, что это соглашение будет полезным и взаимовыгодным».